Revolutionizing human-machine interaction.

<1 sec
Response Time
5 mins
Application Onboarding
365 days
Memory Retention

OS2 is an advanced operating system that provides a more dynamic, intuitive, and personalized experience.

Interact with OS2 exactly like you would with a human and witness it simplify your life. From managing your everyday tasks such as placing grocery orders, scheduling lunch with a friend, or handling professional correspondence, OS2 will get the job done for you like never before.

Welcome to the next phase of life that redefines the dynamic between humans and technology.


The real-time AI infrastructure at your fingertips

kernel™ is the backbone of OS2. The unique framework allows LLMs to become supercharged in real time to provide an organic relationship with technology.

real-time responses

Interact at the speed of thought.

relevant information

Search up-to-date information.

energy efficient

Run on any device with at least 0.2 vCPU equivalent computing power, an internet connection, a microphone, and a speaker.

memory retention

Up to 1 year of memory retained from interaction.


Run 16+ real-time tasks as threads instead of chains.

infinitely scalable

Handles fluctuation of high-volume usage.

Standard response time for multimedia LLM applications

5000 ms

OS2 response time

500 ms

10x faster
10x faster response time in conversations

The next generation of interface interaction

rabbits™ are unique virtual agents that carry out human intentions through natural conversations. They automatically navigate complex interfaces with minimal supervision and prior demonstration.

01 - intention

rabbits™ have the ornate ability to understand a user’s intentions through natural conversations.

rabbits™ will increase its understanding of the user through long-term memory storage, and execute the request through actionable steps which OS2 will leverage in real time.

02 - interface

rabbits™ have the capacity to fully understand the daily applications from the user. Instead of relying on application programming interfaces (APIs), rabbits will adapt to the evolving world the same way humans do.

rabbits™ have the ability to learn new applications from recorded actions and channel them through OS2. As time goes on, the aggregate knowledge garnered from all users will create an extensive “farm” of rabbits that will provide an exponential benefit to all users.

03 - interaction

rabbits™ complete tasks for users through natural interaction, ranging from basic tasks such as booking a flight, or making a reservation, to complex ones such as editing images on photoshop, or streaming various forms of content across multiple platforms.

rabbits™ will not store passwords, but instead wait for users to grant access and then imitates what one would do on the cloud.

safe & secure

Usernames and passwords are never saved. Login pages are streamed and access is granted only after authentication.

client agnostic

Simply requires a WebSocket & WebRTC connection to run.

free from APIs

Minimal friction without navigating through business deals or competitor dynamics.

zero compromise

No reduced functionality like similar API-based alternatives.


rabbit™ will never create abnormal traffic for service providers, nor will they be able to differentiate rabbit traffic from that of a user.


Integrating with rabbit™ requires no onboarding. Only natural conversations and demonstration recordings are required.

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